Why travel is important is something that’s been on my mind quite a bit so far this year, especially with our normal sense of ‘normal’ having been turned upside down in so many ways. I’m very lucky to be able to say that travel and travelling is a huge part of my life and has really influenced my work as a photographer, so I thought I’d spend some time today delving into the question ‘Why do people travel?’ and why travelling is important.

Boston – somewhat ironically, a band with a place for a name – got it right when they sang about it being more than a feeling, if the ‘it’ they were talking about is wanderlust. It’s a feeling that you live, too.

Whether you’re, like me, near constantly consumed by wanderlust or you’re thinking of dipping your toe into travelling, I want to explain just why people travel, and why it’s such a special thing to do! Before I get going…if you’re wondering ‘what does wanderlust mean?’, it’s a wonderful German word meaning a strong desire to travel!

Here’s 5 reasons why travel is important…

1 – Experiences

Undoubtedly, the most common answer to ‘why travel is important’ and ‘Why do people travel?’ is for the experience(s). And though it’s become a total cliche, cliches are often cliches because they’re true – if you value experience over ‘stuff’, then travelling is almost a no brainer!

The world is a magnificent, awe-inspiring place, with more to see and do than we could ever comprehend, and travelling is a lovely way to not only be reminded of this fact but to actually take part in these experiences. This is just as true whether you’re travelling as a couple (maybe you’re even a full time travel couple) or travelling solo, I’ve done both and whichever path you’re on both journeys are just as meaningful. In days and months and years to come, it’s these amazing things you’ll be able to sit back and smile about.

2 – The adventure

They do say marriage is the greatest adventure, but travelling must then come a close second. This one is going to sound weird, so bear with me – but travelling has a wonderful way of helping you feel small (and that’s a good thing!).

Let me explain, because I fear you may currently be thinking “Tim…when we asked ‘why is travel important’ and ‘why do people travel?’, we were thinking more The Balearics and less The Borrowers, thanks”. Well, travelling reminds you of how vast and wonderful the world is – how many places and people there are…all similarly tiny parts of something much bigger. It works in the most gentle and amazing way – the further you venture, the bigger the world grows in comparison, and it feels pretty incredible.

3 – The excitement of the new

Let’s face it – travelling is bloody EXCITING. Whether it’s a different area of the UK you’re headed, thinking of travelling Europe or desperate to travel the world, the prospect of going somewhere you’ve not previously explored is nothing short of thrilling!

That’s why us wanderlusters are, more often than not, planning a trip somewhere new, rather than somewhere they’ve been before (even though we probably absolutely loved it and had the time of our life). Why do people travel? New views, new buildings, new culture, new food, and the list goes on.

4 – A sense of escapism

One of the huge benefits of travelling is a wonderful sense of escapism, a chance to immerse yourself in totally different surroundings and swap out your ordinary routine for an extraordinary one. It’s shelving your day-to-day life temporarily, and breathing new, fresh air into your daily routine in the form of something exciting. This alone is a pretty damn good explanation of why travel is important!

5 – A chance to relax (even if you’re halfway up a mountain)

Travelling is medicinal, in the way that it can help soothe frazzled nerve endings, quieten noisy thoughts, and leave you totally at peace. This can be true even if you’re not necessarily going on a ‘relaxing’ trip – you don’t have to be on a sun lounger to feel a clear head and clarity. You might have just hiked up a mountain to watch sunset, eaten the best burrata of your life in a busy Italian side-street, or scaled some pretty impressive city steps!

I mean, let’s be honest – I could be tapping away about why travel is important and answering the question “why do people travel” until the end of time, with a myriad of brilliant reasons – but here’s 5 of the ones I love most to start you off. Now, I’d love to know – why do you travel?

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or travelling for work, what’s your favourite thing about it? I’d love to know!