The urge to jump in my car and head somewhere wild and wonderful for a few days has never been higher of late and my thoughts keep wandering off to my favourite outdoor locations. So to torment myself I thought a post shining a light on some of the best places to elope in the UK would be a good idea!

People often think eloping has to mean travelling somewhere far-flung – but actually, you can seek an epic adventure right here on your doorstep, with a UK elopement. We’re so lucky to have a country so chock full of dream places to elope in the UK, with incredible locations in all four corners. If you’re thinking of eloping but want to stay in the UK, here’s a roundup of some of my favourite elopement destinations, depending on what kind of landscape you desire…

Scottish Highland Elopements

The Scottish landscape is, in a word, magical. In a few more words, the Scottish Highlands is a breathtaking catchall of soaring hills, mystical glens and ancient lochs perfect for epic elopements outdoors. There’s beautiful spots like Glen Coe and Glen Etive on the mainland, or enchanting islands like the Isle of Skye; but you can get married anywhere in Scotland, so the beautiful landscape truly is your oyster (which you can also, as it goes, get there)!

River deep, mountain high

South of the border, we’ve also got some incredible scenery. (You can’t technically be legally wed outside in England and Wales, but a lot of venues can effectively host a legal outdoor wedding as long as you sign the actual certificate under licensed shelter, like a pagoda!) The Pennines and the Peak District are gorgeous uplands, featuring rolling greenery and stunning skies beyond – if you want to feel close to the clouds, it’s a pretty damn good place to start.

And the other side of the Pennines is the Lake District, in all of its tranquil glory; calm, peaceful water spots juxtaposed by rugged fell mountains. There’s a reason it’s got so many literary connections: it’s a place you can’t help be inspired by, making it perfect for a meaningful and intimate wedding ceremony. Wales also boasts Snowdonia and the beautiful Brecon Beacons, perfect for adventurous couples wanting an unforgettable UK elopement experience.

UK elopements at the beach

Now, British beaches might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a beach wedding, but in my opinion they’re pretty damn fine places to elope in the UK. East Anglia is home to some wonderfully wild beaches; whether you like sand between your toes or pebbles under foot, you just can’t beat being by the hypnotising push and pull of the sea. The Norfolk Coast and the Wash in particular showcase some of the country’s best backdrops – plus, you’re guaranteed excellent fish and chips, which should be a consideration with most things in life…

Clifftop weddings

And of course, our coastine isn’t all beaches; there’s also stunning cliffs on the South Coast, with places like Seven Sisters in the South Downs and Cornish clifftop retreats further west. There’s something incredibly poetic about clifftops and the sparkling sea stretching beneath them as far as the eye can see; the fact that if you reached really, really far, you could touch down in another country. This makes them firm faves for a unique UK elopement, in my humble opinion.

Magical forest elopements

One of the joys of eloping is that it often makes you feel like you’re the only two people in the world (even with me and a camera there too). This is never truer than when you’re surrounded by majestic trees towering above you, with dense canopy as far as the eye can see. There’s something so exciting about forests and the feeling that you could get totally lost in them – and what an incredible setting to start a new chapter in. The Midlands boasts marvellous forest areas, such as the famous, glorious Sherwood Forest – great for Maid Marion, and also great to marry in…

What kind of landscape are you lusting after for your UK elopement? I’d love to know!

So if you’re dreaming of places to elope in the UK and could do with a photographer who needs no excuse to hop in his car for an adventure then drop me a message, let’s get chatting.