Finding a dream wedding venue is usually the starting point of planning your day. I travel far a wide for weddings but a little closer to home there are some amazing places to get married in Nottingham right on my doorstep. So what better place to start than by shining a light on a few favourite Nottingham wedding venues.

How to choose a wedding venue – where do you start?

Unless you already have your heart set on a particular wedding venue it can be pretty overwhelming trying to find wedding venues that are the right fit for your day. There’s lots to think about before even starting to look, especially the style of wedding venue and of course its location. Knowing the kind of look and feel you’d like for your day is an essential starting point. As you’re probably already finding out, wedding venues vary hugely from the small and intimate, rustic and rural venues, industrial chic, all the way through to stately elegance and every style of wedding venue in between. It can be bewildering but if you already have an idea of the type of day you’d like then you have a great head start. If you’re not quite sure on look and feel then really the best way is to dive into the Google rabbit hole and get a feel for different styles of weddings and venues out there. Then start narrowing down ones that you feel would fit your personalities and tastes before finally going to look around a select few. 

If you’re looking to have your wedding day in a specific location then that will also narrow down your options. The location is just as important as look and feel. Dreaming of a wild and remote humanist ceremony in Scotland on the side of mountain probably isn’t realistic if you want a large number of guests to share the moment with you. I say ‘probably’ just to keep things realistic…but anything is possible! But really it’s a question of how far you and your guests are happy and able to travel.

To help with planning you might also find a couple of other posts useful, I take a look at micro weddings in my Micro Wedding Ultimate Guide. My guide to non religious wedding ceremonies might also be helpful and if you’re looking to elope here in the UK then check out my post on elopement weddings in the UK.

Back to Nottingham wedding venues, so the ones I’ve highlighted below are a few of the best wedding venues in Nottingham or very near Nottingham. A couple of these are so stunning but just fall beyond the Notts border but I still think of them as Nottingham wedding venues so there staying in! I should probably do another guide to the best wedding venues near Nottingham!

Bride and Groom walking holding hands after ceremony in Nottingham

Willow Marsh Farm

Willow Marsh Farm is tucked away in rural East Midlands, right on the border of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. The opening line of Willow Marsh Farm’s website sums up their vibe perfectly: ‘A barn built for love by the hands of a farming family, perfect for long summer weddings.’ I could just stop there, no need to say more but it would be a shame not to highlight some of the venues wow-worthy features.

If you like all things rural and rustic and want a relaxed intimate feel for your day, then you’ll be hard pressed to beat this gem when looking for barn wedding venues in Nottingham. Think old barns, rustic stone and exposed brickwork, authentic wood panelling paired with period furniture and vintage lighting and you’ll start to get the idea. And if you’re looking for authenticity then it doesn’t get more authentic than Willow Marsh. The barn is actually situated on their working farm and created from Simon and Sarah’s old cattle barn!

The farm sits within 100 acres of breathtaking countryside with panoramic views, lakes and wild marshes full of botanicals for couples with a touch of wanderlust to explore for photos. Willow Marsh also has a big fat tick in the exclusivity box, since the farm is only available for weekend weddings from May to September and only hold one wedding a week. Why only one a week you might ask, well inline with their core values Willow Marsh choose to concentrate on only one weeding a week to ensure their weddings have the personal touch without any time pressure (so get in touch fast!). The last thing anyone wants is to feel like your day is one of many…something that Willow Marsh strive to avoid. In their own words ‘We want to host relaxed, intimate and time quality weddings’. They certainly achieve this, it’s a truly unique wedding venue that I’m sure you’ll completely fall for!

Wedding ceremony at Hazel Gap Barn in Nottinghamshire

Hazel Gap Barn

Staying with all things rural and rustic…next up is Hazel Gap Barn. The barn is one of the more well known Nottingham wedding venues on my list. It’s so popular that it even brought the surrounding roads to a standstill on one open day! It’s a great venue to photograph at and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

Situated in North Nottinghamshire on the historic Welbeck Estate, Hazel Gap is a beautiful red-brick barn with capacity for up to 150 people for the ceremony & dining and up to a whopping 250 person total capacity including evening guests. The main barn is perfect for a ceremony, especially if you’re looking for intimacy and atmosphere. The barn boasts exposed traditional oak timber beams and arches with a wow-worthy fireplace at the far end.

The team at Hazel Gap are exceptional and definitely know how to set the mood with a warming mix of fairy lights, giant candelabra and candle lanterns fill the barn with subtle light creating a warm intimate space for your day. I also have to give food a mention when it comes to Hazel Gap Barn. Just to the side of the courtyard sits the hugest open flame BBQ I’ve ever seen which you can imagine is a constant source of distraction in the day when the steaks go on! Inside is arguably even more impressive and mouthwatering hand-made French rotisserie slowly slowly turning away in full view behind the bar area. They don’t just do amazing food, they serve up a feast! It’s always a joy to photograph at Hazel Gap Barn but I always particularly love that it sit’s alongside woodlands that we can explore for photos. It’s a wedding venue that I highly recommend you check out, it definitely put big ticks in the rustic and rural boxes and many more!

Oaktree Farm

When thinking of wedding venues why limit your search to bricks and mortar, let’s go in a different direction for this next one! If you like the idea of a wedding marquee but somehow it doesn’t feel as relaxed or intimate as you’d like, then the perfect alternative is a stretch tent. Yes I said a tent…but this is no ordinary tent! For those of you who want to get really connected with the countryside, look no further than the ohh so stunning Oaktree Farm wedding venue.

Unique and rustic, this is a stretch tent wedding venue tucked away in the heart of North Nottinghamshire’s countryside that can seat up to 160 guests in the day and up to a whopping 250 at night. It always feels quite magical to me because on arriving, you wander through the farm, past their Alpacas (amazing!) through a field and then all of sudden you find yourself in a larger field with a lantern lined path leading though the grass, the full length of the field up to the tent itself. It’s a gorgeous shape in it’s own right but step inside and and you in a magical space with rustic furniture, fairy lights, festoon lights, an industrial chandelier and and even solid wood flooring throughout! All of this is discreetly nestled in a field.

Owners Dan and Natalie are the creative force behind this venue and it actually sits on the farm itself, nestled in their chic smallholding, carefully situated in a secluded part of their farm to ensure your day is utterly private and immersed in the surrounding scenery. I’ve photographed at the farm quite a few times and I’ve rarely seen so much thought go into this aspect, suppliers even have their own private track for coming and going. Dan and Natalie care about every last detail which is obvious not only when you’re there but also when you meet them. They’re usually 10 steps ahead of you with everything but if there’s something you’d like then they’ll move hell and high water to make it happen. The personal touch runs though Oaktree farm, it’s a magical venue and trust me once you meet Dan and Natalie you won’t look back!

bride and groom at Donington Park Farm Wedding Venue

Donington Park Farm

Okay so next we’re taking a journey just south of Nottinghamshire for what is probably the very first barn wedding venue in the country. That alone is enough of a reason to have Donington Park Farm on here but if the idea of having your reception in an original pig sty (how unique is that that!) and partying in a threshing barn sparks your imagination then you really need to experience Donington Park Farm first hand in all its rural rustic glory.

Strictly speaking the farm is just in Leicestershire but it’s so close to the Nottinghamshire boarder that I think it deserves a space amongst the best Nottingham wedding venues. Built in the 1720’s the original brick and timber barns are full of character and charm with the capacity to hold wedding parties from the the small and intimate through to parties of up to 300!

Donington Park Farm also has the personal touch with authenticity running through it. It’s a family owned venue built on admirable core beliefs. For example, the farm is very environmentally-conscious and committed to enhancing its green credentials and sustainability. It also takes a holistic approach to the growth, preparation and serving of food and where they are unable to grow produce themselves they’ll go that extra mile to source it locally and from other family-owned businesses. The barn is surrounded by spectacular views as far as you can see so we don’t need to go far for some wild rural landscapes to create a few laidback portraits of you both on the day. Donington Park Farm is without doubt special, unique and packed with rustic charm. You can have a peek now via a virtual tour on the website!

Aswarby Rectory

This next wedding venue actually has a Lincolnshire address but a Nottinghamshire postcode (NG34) so that’s good enough for me and gives me the green light to wax lyrical about Aswarby Rectory, an exclusive-use country house wedding venue. Most couples say that when you discover ‘the’ venue, you just know instinctively that it’s the wedding venue for you…pretty much as soon as you see it. Well for those of you who get giddy over the natural elegance of country houses then Aswarby Rectory is one for you to take seriously. I’d be surprised if you don’t fall for it before even stepping inside!

The Rectory is a stunningly elegant Georgian house (built in 1820) set in the heart of the countryside and surrounded by 9 acres of private gardens, paddocks and woodland. Oh and the gardens and grounds include fire pits and even a festoon-lit pergola and wood burning stove for the perfect evening setting! The Rectory was fully renovated in 2017/18 and so stylishly too, the house is breathtaking with its understated rustic style and natural elegance. The Rectory is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies with the option of either an indoor or outdoor ceremony in their stunning walled garden. And if you’d like a church or religious ceremony, they also have you covered, offering a beautiful private woodland walk through to St. Denys Church situated just next door. 

This is a wedding venue that doesn’t need to shout to get attention. It quietly but confidently demands your attention. A spectacular choice for relaxed intimate weddings!

On the lookout for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer?

So now you’ve spotted your ideal venue, next you’ll need someone to capture your wedding in Nottingham…just trying to think if anyone comes to mind?! I’d love to know more so drop me a message and I’ll get back to you asap. Cheers