A selection of favourite moments from the last few years


Putting together a selection of images for a portfolio has to be up there as one of the hardest aspects of what I do as a destination wedding photographer. I’m always torn between selecting some of my favourites and making a selection more for you guys. A more rounded, balanced set of photos showing my approach to each part of a wedding day, elopement or couple session. 

The voice inside my head is saying “but Tim you’re not looking for a destination wedding photographer…are you trying to wow yourself!?” Erm well no, but honestly I think showing a few of my personal favourites makes some sense rather than just being a bit indulgent.

Finding your destination wedding photographer, what really matters?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your day is choosing your photographer. The shape and size of your day isn’t important. It might be a small elopement wedding in the UK or a full-scale wedding party with a guest list as long as your arm. You might be planning a wedding close to home or looking into wedding destinations in Europe and searching for the right destination wedding photographer. But either way you’ve probably already found out that there are endless wedding photographers in the world and amongst them some truly of outstanding ones. So what separates them (other than price)? Their visual style and approach does. I know first hand that when you see someone’s photos that you just fall in love with, photos that make you feel something, it’s because their photos virtually always have two things in common – connection and trust. 

Firstly the couple and their photographer would have been a perfect fit. ‘Perfect fit’ in the sense that the photographer’s personality and visual style lends itself perfectly to the couple’s personalities and taste. I guarantee that when those couples discovered their photographer’s portfolio they would have been instantly drawn in, feeling pangs of excitement and wonder, and were left crossing their fingers and toes that whoever was behind the camera would be part of their own day. So ‘connection’ between a couple and their photographer is essential. They both just get it! This connection is so important that I would go so far as saying you shouldn’t book your photographer unless you feel those things because it creates the second key element – trust. 

destination wedding photographer

Trusting your photographer to simply do what they do not only allows your photographer to stay true to their vision, but just as importantly that trust will put you guys completely at ease on the day. When you’re completely relaxed, even when it’s just the three of us you’ll be lost in the moments and the connection between you both will be so much more real, raw and hopefully emotional. Wow-worthy images very rarely happen without that connection, you can see and feel it in photos and without doubt the most emotive images I’ve ever made have come from working with couples who simply trust me to do what I do. That’s when the magic happens and everything else falls into place.

So connection and trust are what you need to find. I can’t point you in the right direction with that aspect, there’s no magic formula, because it’s such a personal decision and an intuitive one (believe me I know, I’ve been there looking my own destination wedding photographer). But I can show you images that I get excited about and that inspire me. Photos that remind me why I do what I do!

destination wedding photographer

I hope you’ve enjoyed dipping into this selection of photos and feel I’d be a great fit for whatever celebration you guys are planning. I always suggest a quick Skype call to begin with just so we can meet each other and chat a bit more about your plans.

If you’re looking for an elopement or destination wedding photographer just drop me a message to say hello and we’ll go from there.